Mindprobe are Panoramix (Diego Juarez) and Rave-N (Federico Cardoso) from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Panoramix, born 1977, started his musical education at age 8 playing piano. On 1993, he bought a computer and started making music using hsctracker and tetra compositor, and met the 'tracking' scene. Rave-N, also born 1977, learned to play guitar at age 10, and played bass and guitar in different bands until 1998. In 1995 he met Panoramix in high school, who introduced him to Scream Tracker and FastTracker2. From then on, they formed an active part of the 'tracking scene' in different groups.

Mindprobe was born as a musical project in 1997, initially formed by Panoramix and Madbit (Axel Maganini), and the band's debut show was held in Oval -a popular club in the local scene- on october 14th, 1998. Rave-N was making goatrance on Ashtar, but on October 2000 he joined Mindprobe and the band performed their first live set on Earthdance 2000 in Buenos Aires. After that, Mindprobe played in many clubs and outdoor events.

Due to musical differences, Madbit decided to leave the band on October 2003. Later that same year, Mindprobe made it's first international performance on Earthdance Chile 2003, playing for the first time on a live set as a duo.

The band released tracks for different labels and compilations: "Nightmare", with Planet East Records, a San Francisco based psychedelic trance label. "Psylociberia" which was featured in the "Buenos Aliens/Cover Your Bones vol.4" compilation. "Monuments on Mars", which was featured in "Underground Vibes", an ElectroMusic Records compilation.

The band had also released two albums in mp3 format: Busted EP on 2000 and Psychedebug on 2002.

Obscure Process, the first label album was released in the end of 2004 through Transition Records.